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GridLock Screw Gate

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Black Diamond Equipment GridLock Screw Gate


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Your life is hanging by a thread and where are you placing your faith? I'd be placing all of my faith in the easy access and strong GridLock Screw Gate that you have clipped in on your favorite sport climb. Black Diamond has been a leader in outdoor equipment since the beginning and has earned our trust with every piece of equipment that they create.
In order to guarantee the life saving integrity of the climbing gear we sell -- we cannot accept returns on any life safety climbing or mountaineering equipment.


  • Screwgate sleeve locks the Black Diamond GridLock Belay carabiner

  • Eliminates the dangers of a shifting, cross-loaded belay carabiner

  • Isolates the belay loop behind its uniquely shaped gate keeping the carabiner in its proper orientation

  • I-beam spine transitions into a rounded, large rope-bearing surface

  • GridLock design keeps the 'biner properly oriented on your belay loop to avoid cross loading

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use design

  • Hot-forging process allows the metal to be moved around and formed into intricate shapes; these shapes can ease handling and reduce weight

  • Innovative tab to prevent cross-loading

  • Outstanding for Belaying.

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