Local Artists show their work at Appoutdoors during the Arts Festival, July 10th-14th!

The creative spirit is in the air for Arts Fest weekend!!!

Stop by Allen St., walk the Arts Festival & don’t forget to swing by AppOutdoors to see some local art as well!

From Paintings and Sculptures to Photography and more!!

Participating Artists include:

William Snyder III: Dandelion sculpture
Mark Pilato: Chess Set in Bronze
Thomas Mickle:Mixed Media
Christy Grace: Paintings

Erin Seamans: Photography
Jennifer Shuey: Pastels

Jeanne McKinney: Pastels
Chuck Fong: Photography
Maggie Wolszczan: Oil Painting
Sue Houston Lacy  & Brittany Haislmaier: Encaustic Painting
Chad Swigart: Acrylic Painting

photo (30)