Downtown State College: Garage Parking and more!

MVP Parking in 3 Downtown Garages!

1. Pugh Street Garage, 100 block of Soth Pugh
2. Fraser Street Garage, 100 block of South Fraser
3. West Beaver Ave., 200 block

At the time of purchase, please ask one of our sales associates for your parking validation!

Parking is free in these garages on Sunday, except during special events and PSU home football weekends.

The Borough has installed new multi-space parking meters in McAllister Parking Deck and the Beaver and Allen St. Lots.

To use these electronic meters individuals parking will:

1. Enter the associated license plate number

2. Select the required amount of time

3. Pay with coins, bills or credit/debit card

4. Press OK for a receipt
5. If you paid via credit/debit card, you may enter your cell phone number and be alerted via text message when your time is running  out.  You may also extend your parking time via text.  These choices are optional.
All street meters (which still work traditionally) have also been equipped with green “Parkmobile” stickers.
1. Register at - a fee of $0.99 per month will apply
2. Once parked, launch the parkmobile phone app or contact the 1-800 number listed.
3. Enter the associated parking zone number
We have detailed printed handouts and key chain cards regarding at both POS stations.  Please refer to the Borough’s website for any addition information.