FREE U: Fitology: High Intensity Interval Training, September 19th, 7-8pm

Join us Thursday, September 19th, in-store at Appoutdoors for another informative and exciting session of FREE U, this time, courtesy of FITOLOGY!

High Intensity Interval Training describes any workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less-intense activity or even complete rest. Sounds exciting to some. Scary for others. But what are the benefits? How is it done? Is it right for you? Will it make you run, jump, hike and bike faster, higher, longer and farther? We have the answers.

Join instructors from FITOLOGY  to talk to you about the ABCs of H-I-I-T. Come dressed to try out a few tuck jumps, burpees and pushups. They will answer your questions, tell you what to expect from a high-intensity interval training class and even show you how it can benefit your outdoor activities. Free passes to FITOLOGY along with some cool prizes will be given to all who attend — and do burpees.

See you there, 7-8pm!