Gunnery Sergeant for Fits Socks!

In a recent USMC field exercise, Fits Socks were put to the performance test!
The Gunnery Sergeant in charge shared his experience with Appalachian Outdoors.

Fits socks, “performed well under the strenuous conditions of a 9 mile force march and a 7 mile terrain analysis course that pushed out feet to the limit.

For example, some of the members of our unit who did NOT have the opportunity to wear a pair of the socks literally bled through their boots during the course of the exercise.”

The Sergeant continues, “I personally did not get any hot spots or blisters on my feet. I attribute this to the moisture wicking capability of the socks and their ability to reduce friction within my boot.

Additionally, the other two members of our unit who wore them, one male and one female, had no complaints about their feet other than them being sore due to the miles we put on them. This is a testament to the ability of the socks to perform when needed under harsh conditions.”

Stop by Appalachian Outdoors, pick up a pair and put them to a test or two yourself!!!

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