Marmot and Conservation Alliance Promotion at Appalachian Outdoors

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Marmot is teaming up with Appalachian Outdoors and fellow members of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance all across the  country to help support the Conservation Alliance during the month of June.

Whenever a customer spends $99 or more on Marmot products, Marmot will donate $10 of that purchase to the Conservation Alliance, until reaching the maximum goal of $10,000.

Interested in joining the cause? No sweat! Just come on in to Appalachian Outdoors and find your new Marmot apparel or Marmot Camping Gear for your next adventure. As long as the product is at least $99, a part of your purchase will go to help further the mission of the Conservation Alliance.

This promotion will be starting this Friday, May 23 and will run until Monday, June 30.
If you’re interested in more information on the collaboration between Marmot and the Conservation Alliance, feel free to check out this article from the Conservation Alliance’s site. It’s dated from January earlier this year, but it does go into some detail about this exact promotion from last November.

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It’s a great cause and enables us as an outdoor retailer to help support fellow organizations that work hard to keep the places we love intact. We hope you’ll join us this month in supporting Marmot, the Conservation Alliance, and the great outdoors.

What: Marmot/Conservation Alliance Promotion
Who: You!  Spend $99 or more on Marmot products, and Marmot will donate $10 to the Conservation Alliance
When: Friday, May 23 – Monday, June 30
Where: Appalachian Outdoors
123 S. Allen St.
State College, PA 16801

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