Suunto Ambit has arrived !

Have you ever had a hard time choosing the right watch for what you want to do? The question you end up asking yourself is, do I get a watch that is geared towards training or do I choose a watch that is geared more towards the outdoors? I often find myself on an extended backpacking or climbing trip where I need the functions of an outdoor watch, but when I am home and training for those trips, I have to use a different watch to track my training. Then, add on top of that, I may choose to take a GPS unit for navigation during either training or trips. Even in this age of technology, it is sometimes hard to find one device that does everything you want.

Well, problem solved!

The new Suunto Ambit does just about anything for your upcoming adventure, short of packing your bag for you. The ambit not only has all of the great features of an outdoor watch to track and read elevation, weather, a 3D compass, a GPS to track routes or navigate to a point of interest, but it also has the great features of a training watch, with a heart rate monitor that is compatible with cycling or running PODs. By using the Ambit with, you can upload or download your latest adventure or training using their online sports diary. The ambit also has a rechargeable battery, which reduces the waste of changing out batteries every couple of months, but it also can be recharged if you are on a long expedition with a small packable solar charger, which is a nice environmentally conscious way to go. It is also submersible up to 100 meters, so that you can navigate by using the GPS system while you are under water if you choose.

Suunto Ambit

Suunto Ambit @ Appalachian Outdoors

Currently, I own a Suunto Core watch that has rarely left my wrist for the last four years. It is the most durable and reliable watch that I have ever owned, with the only drawbacks being that I could not use it for training and it did not have a GPS. Now that the Ambit is here, I am going to be looking to upgrade before my next trip.

For look see at the new Ambit in action, please click on it by name, below !!

Suunto Ambit !!

Want to experience the Suunto Ambit in person ? Please swing by Appalachian Outdoors, downtown State College, for a look see !!

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