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Casual Shoes

At AppOutdoors we believe that women's outdoor shoes can look good and feel good as well as coping with all kinds of terrain. Being outside is all about having fun, whether you're climbing a mountain, sailing a skiff, or just having a relaxed afternoon in a local beauty spot. The right footwear will help you be comfortable whatever you are doing.

Many of the shoes in this category are carefully designed to provide a compromise between form and function. They'll do the job (unless the job is a long-distance hike or involves steep terrain, running, wet weather or snow, in which case check out our range of women's trail shoes) without necessarily looking like an ordinary hiking shoe. On this page you'll find relaxed outdoor shoes for walking the dog, for playing with the kids in the back yard, for gentle walks in the nearest state forest, for the beach, and for everyday wear. There are also quite a few that are perfectly suitable for a casual evening out or office use. Who says you have to force your feet into uncomfortable shoes every day? We certainly don't.