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Chalk / Chalk Bags / Tape

Most climbing gear should be selected for function rather than looks. First and foremost, it has to do the job. Sometimes that job is saving your life under severe conditions so smart climbers buy the gear that will let them do what they want to do easily and safely, regardless of what it looks like. Chalk bags are the one exception to this rule. All they have to do is hold climbing chalk. It's not difficult.

This section also houses our selection of climbing tape. This stuff can be used for fixing up flappers and minor skin damage or splinting fingers in more extreme cases. It can help keep damaged tendons happy, improvise a clip stick, seal up ripped down jackets, pre-emptively glove your hands for climbing serious cracks, for marking dangerously loose rocks, and for performing emergency field repairs on climbing shoes that have gone in the toe. It's also cheap and a roll weighs very little so there is no excuse for not keeping some in the bottom of your backpack.