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Cushe Footwear

Cushe FootwearCushe Shoes (sounds like "cushy") are meant to feel exactly like they sound. Cushe footwear also strives to stand out from the crowd by pushing the design envelope. These eccentric styles are made for both men and women, including sandals, sneakers, slides and mary janes. Cushe Footwear is based in the UK, but many of their styles represent the laid-back American attitude and comfort of the surf culture. Many of the Cushe styles include suede leather foot beds and soft full grain leather accents or straps. All of the soles and insoles are anatomically designed for the best fit for the wearer, man or woman. Cushe Shoes also strives to break the mold of conventional footwear. The combination of supple materials that serve both fashion and function will help you stand out in the crowd?even if you are sitting back.


Cushe Shoes began in 2004 as a response to global brands that dominate the lifestyle footwear market. The Cushe Footwear team resolved to make a lifestyle shoe that was comfortable, attractive, multi-function, and extremely detailed. The Cushe Shoe line is the fruits of their labor, high-quality shoes and sandals that'll keep your feet happy all day long. Take a look at our complete selection of Cushe Shoes!