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Gaiters / Shoe Traction

Rain gaiters are amongst the simplest and humblest of all outdoor gear, but also the most useful. It's amazing how much of a difference a basic gaiter can make. Even if it's not raining it's always worth popping them in your pack before you set off on a hike. Otherwise, all it takes is walking through a field of wet grass and your pants legs will be soaked. The water will wick up and wet your socks and then make its way down into your boots. Yuck. A pair of lightweight ankle gaiters will stop that happening and prevent burrs, brambles, and grass seeds from hitching a ride on your socks too.

Snow gaiters do much the same job by stopping snow getting up pant legs or down into boot cuffs. They're essential for mountaineers, winter hikers, and ice climbers. Then we've got running gaiters at the opposite end of the spectrum. These are intended more to keep grit and other nasties from getting into trail running shoes than preventing dampness. This section also houses our shoe traction options. These are like snow chains for your feet, and will make sure you get a good purchase when walking in the winter even when there are icy patches and compacted snow. Those who need a more serious crampon should have a look on the ice tools page in the climbing section.