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Finding good hiking boots for women's feet can be tricky. There are plenty of choices out there these days but the problem lies in figuring out which pair is best. There is no one make and model that excels above all others. Instead, the best option depends on the shape and size of your feet, on your level of experience, and where and for how long you plan to hike. For beginner hikers it's always worth buying boots that will take you a little further than you would go right now, and handle slightly more challenging terrain than you're currently comfortable with. A good pair of hiking boots will last for years and nobody wants to buy a second pair when they start getting a little fitter and want to tackle longer and more spectacular routes.

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Things to think about include weight, durability (leather boots are usually tougher but slightly heavier), and ankle support. Low boots are nice and light and very likely to be comfortable straight out of the box but a higher cuff definitely helps protect your ankles from rolling on rough and rocky terrain. These days many people prefer hike easier routes in shoes rather than boots, so we've collected some of the best hiking shoes for women and offered them alongside more traditional boots. If you're not carrying a heavy pack and plan on sticking to well-kept footpaths, shoes are lighter and less tiring so you'll be able to go further in comfort.