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Uco Original Candle Lantern

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Industrial Revolution Uco Original Candle Lantern


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The classic, long-burning collapsible candle lantern that has provided warm, natural light to thousands of outdoor enthusiasts since 1982, the Original Candle Lantern is still UCO's most popular model. Lightweight and compact, the patented Candle Lantern provides 9 hours of warm light from a single candle. It is perfectly suited to backpacking, mountaineering, snow camping and similar outdoor pursuits and simple to maintain and operate. Their unique, spring loaded candle tube insures a constant flame height and minimal wax spillage. This lantern works exceptionally well inside a tent on winter hiking and camping trips.

Now lighting the candle lantern is easier than ever with UCO's easy lighting system. The chimney quickly and easily slides down inside the lantern to give the user instant access to the candle area. Once lit, the chimney slides back up into its original position - providing wind protection for the candle flame.


  • Collapsible - UCO's patented design allows the lantern to telescope closed, protecting the glass chimney while travelling or hiking.

  • Convenient Handle - Stainless steel handle makes the Candle Lantern easy to hang and carry.

  • Constant Flame Height - UCO's unique spring loaded candle tube keeps the flame height constant while a small viewing window shows how much candle remains. Each candle burns for up to 9 hours.

  • Economical - the Candle Lantern is affordable to purchase and economical to use. Other lanterns can cost up to $2.00 per hour to operate, the Candle Lantern costs only about 9 cents per hour.

  • Efficient - lightweight aluminum or brass frame holds the glass chimney securely in place, creating a windproof environment for the flame.

  • Safe - No combustible fuels, no complicated starting procedures.

  • Reliable - no batteries to fail and replace, no mantles or bulbs to break.

  • Environmentally Friendly - no batteries or fuel cartridges to dispose.

  • Made in U.S.A. with top quality materials and workmanship.

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