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LekiLEKI is the world's leading manufacturer of ski, hiking and trekking poles. Appalachian Outdoors is proud to offer you a diverse selection Leki Walking Sticks and other Leki products, including not just a fine selection of trekking and walking sticks, but all the accessories you need to keep your Leki walking stick in top shape for the long road ahead, or to customize your Leki pole to your personal needs.
Leki had its start in Kircheim, Germany, and have been producing quality aluminum ski and trekking poles since 1954. Whether you're up for hitting the slopes, trekking through the Amazon, or just strolling the urban jungle, Leki walking sticks and trekking poles make an ideal companion. Ergonomic and shock-absorbing, Leki poles promote better posture and health while trekking no matter where you go, and with their lightweight aluminum build, toting your Leki walking sticks around is no trouble at all. For all your adventures, no matter how great or small, look to Leki and Appalachin Outdoors! The Leki Walking Stick is a superior product for hiking and trekking, wherever you go.

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