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GRIGRI 2 Belay Device

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Petzl America GRIGRI 2 Belay Device



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Gain some control with Petzl's assisted braking device, the GRIGRI 2. Built to be used with 8.9 to 11 mm single ropes, this piece of gear uses the same hand motions as classic belay systems but includes a cam to pinch the rope during braking. The GRIGRI 2 also features an engraved installation diagram for ease of use.

Hand motions are the same as with classic belay systems: both hands on the rope. A fall is stopped by gripping the brake side of the rope with your hand.
Assisted braking: during fall arrest, the belayer holds the brake side of the rope, the cam pivots and pinches the rope, increasing the braking action until the rope stops sliding
The GRIGRI 2's design allows for excellent descent control. One hand holds the rope and the other uses the handle to unlock the cam. The patented handle design allows a very gradual release of the rope. Combined with the strong braking action of the cam, it gives a great feeling of security when lowering a partner or rappelling.
The GRIGRI 2 is compact and very light at 170 g
Built with a stainless steel friction plate and cam to ensure a long life for the product
For 8.9 to 11 mm single ropes (optimized for 9.4 mm to 10.3 mm ropes)
Diagrams for rope installation engraved on belay device (interior and exterior)
Weight: 170 g
Rope compatibility: single ropes between 8.9 and 11 mm in diameter
Material(s): aluminum side plates, stainless steel cam and friction plate, reinforced nylon handle
Certification(s): CE EN 15151, UIAA
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