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Men's Drop Kick Ski Boots
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Full Tilt Men's Drop Kick Ski Boots


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To satisfy all needs of the freestyle junkies out there, Full Tilt made the Drop Kick, an awesome boot that merges style and a lightweight design into one perfect union. These boots are loaded with features to keep you stoked, like their 7 Ribs design that gives you movement like nothing else, soft, rubber layer in the sole to reduce impact, and a heat-activated Intuition liner that molds to your foot for the ultimate fit. Airing on the side of style, the Drop Kick gives you both flashy options or a nice, dark coloring for those of us who like to lay low.


  • FTO Original 3-piece Shell: A living legend, Full Tilt have the honor of bringing back to life each year in it’s original form. 99mm last width

  • #6 Flex Tongue: Medium flex-Maximum versatility & reliability in all conditions with a smooth, natural ankle motion to eliminate shinbang! You can quickly change your flex by swapping out different # flex tongues

  • 7 Ribs: The most ribs in the industry designed like a flexible straw to flex naturally with your ankle & eliminate shin bang. Buckle tightness also doesn’t affect flex

  • Rubber Heel Sole: Replaceable natural rubber heel block for reduced heel slip when walking & hiking

  • Nylon Ratchet Buckles: Super lightweight, on-the-fly single handed micro adjustment

  • Lightweight, minimalistic 3-Piece design eliminates the need for thick heavy overlapping plastic or bolts for increased quickness & sensitivity, up to 2 lbs/900g lighter than some alpine boots

  • Shock Absorber Boot Board: Soft rubber layer in the sole of the shell absorbs vibrations, impact and shock for a smooth ride

  • Easy On/Off: Tongue fully opens like a convertible, never blocking your foot. Slide your foot in and out easily with comfort in all temperatures

  • Free Flexing Cuff: Rear cuff has unrestricted forward motion to never bottom out & move naturally with your leg instead of against it

  • Cables: Cable closure works like a shoelace to eliminate dead spots for a smooth even pressure flex & fit

  • Customizable: All parts are sold separately for unlimited personalization and repair using a standard Philips head screwdriver

  • Up to 2lbs/900g lighter than other boots due to its smart and minimalistic 3-Piece design that eliminates the need for thick, heavy overlapping plastic or bolts

  • 100% ribbed tongue enables smoother, more natural linear flex from your shin to your toe

  • Easy, precise lateral angle adjustment

  • Unlike traditional designs, the rear cuff never bottoms out. It pivots infinitely forward with your calf for less shell distortion, no shin pain and more control

  • Tool-less forward angle adjustment

  • 99 Last: The original width shell that your feet love

  • The Performer Liner’s laminates are specifically engineered to be Full Tilt's thinnest liner for reduced weight & increased maneuverability, while maintaining its warmth & a custom moldable fit

  • An additional layer of ergonomically shaped High Density Intuition® closed cell foam is wrapped around the outside of the upper liner to increase energy transfer and horsepower to the shell

  • Full Tilt Quick-Fit liners use authentic Intuition foam that is body heat activated to mold 100% to your feet during use, or can be instantly heat molded by a shop in minutes

  • 100% foam construction is air tight with reduced seams to retain body heat like a wetsuit

  • A thinner foam is used in the front of the liner to increase space without sacrificing control

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