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SanukSanuk Shoes makes sandals and sandals only. The problem, of course, is that not all Sanuks look like sandals the way you and I would expect them to look. Most sandals, or flip-flops, have a single toe thong separating your big toe from the rest of your piggies. Certainly Sanuk makes flip flops, but they also make several other styles of sandals. Most would probably call them shoes, but Sanuk insists "these are not shoes, they're sandals." The most popular Sanuk Sandal that isn't is the Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer. This footwear has the sole of a sandal with a fabric upper. Imagine a slipper you'd wear to the beach and you've got a Side Walk Surfer. Sanuk has recently expanded this concept to extend the time your feet can dream about the beach by adding insulation to keep your toes cozy in the winter months. These shoes all include "Chill" in their name. So if you like to rock the Sanuk Donny in the summer months you can switch to the Donny Chill when the mercury drops and still maintain your style.