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Ski & Snowboard Bags

This section is home to ski and snowboarding travel bags for the skis and snowboards themselves, plus some other options for getting boots and helmets from A to B- helmets should definitely be protected from knocks in transit, because this kind of damage can weaken them and make them less effective when you really need it. If you're looking for packs and bags to use while skiing or snowboarding, see the Sports and Activity section. There will be plenty of choices in there for you, whether you're an off-piste hero or just want a backpack with a board attachment system.

Using high quality, purpose-built snowboard and ski travel bags to transport your winter sports equipment is one way to make sure it gets taken care of en route. It's immediately obvious what's inside the bag (unlike a cardboard box or a giant-size duffel, for example) and the designers know what needs to be protected and how to do it. The boot bags are also great for another reason- they keep sweaty, smelly, damp and dirty items safely stowed out of contact with your clean clothes.