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Do you really think that the Snow Gods are going to take pity on you this winter? I hope not; I plan on putting in a 100 days this season. So get the equipment that is going to take you places. Get Tecnica's Viva P Max 10 Airshell and slay the mountains everyday.


  • Air Shell; offers a fast and easy, instantaneous custom fit enhancement that can be done anywhere, anytime and only when needed (all Air Shell models utilize the same great Tecnica liners so Air Shell can be used to fine tune the fit). An air bladder is positioned between the liner and the shell and extends around the heel pocket and into the forefoot area. A control panel on the rear spine of the shell features a tool free pump system. The top pump inflates the air bladder and the lower button deflates. The air flows into the bladder only filling in the gaps (for example for better heel hold) for an instant fine-tuning of the fit. As an added benefit, air acts as an insulator enhancing warmth.

  • Cuff Alignment System; is easy to use and effective. It aligns the cuff to follow the shape of the lower leg increasing comfort and enhancing performance. Dual cuff alignment (inside and outside devices) increases the effectiveness. Your specialty retailer can find the perfect alignment for you to enhance performance and comfort.

  • The Delta Force System; combines three components, each playing an important role in allowing the skier to adapt the power and rebound flex of the boot. 3D Construction, a modified hinge point and the device itself work together to provide direct power transmission and a smooth progressive flex in two flex settings. Simply flick the lever up for a stiffer setting and down to make the boot softer. The device is not affected by temperature for flex consistency.

  • Velcro Spoiler; Need more forward lean or a tighter fit around the lower leg? Leave the Velcro spoiler in place. If you need a more upright position, or more lower leg room, you can remove the spoiler altogether.

  • 9 Teeth Cuff Catch; The cuff catch on the Phoenix Max has 9 teeth for optimal versatility. The 2 innermost teeth are specially designed to stay latched when walking while the lever is open.

  • Calf Adapter Construction; is found in the upper collar of the liners of the Viva Demon, Phoenix and Mega models. It consists of a softer material in a V cut shape on the upper sides allowing the liner collar to give and adapt to various lower leg shapes.

  • Flared Collar Design; 3D Construction in the collar of the Viva Demon, Phoenix and Mega liners, further enhances the fit capabilities of hard to fit calves. The collar is molded 3 dimensionally in a flared position to increase room for the calf

  • 3 Density Technology

  • 3 Alu Buckles

  • 45mm Velcro Powerstrap

  • Viva Velvet Fur Lining

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