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Winter and Rain Boots

Unless she lives in the desert, every adult female needs a good pair of women's rain boots. They are a sight to warm the heart on the coldest, wettest, greyest days of the year and can turn slogging through the slush into a pleasure rather than a chore. We've taken care to include plenty of bright, cheerful choices in the rain footwear range just to make sure you get a little ray of sunshine on the cloudiest days. Of course, having dry feet is a joy in itself, or at least a lot more fun than the alternative. Rubberized and waterproof boots will keep out rain, snow, spray, mud, dampness from wet grass, and anything else that threatens your snug and cosy toes.

Warmth is also key. Snow boots for women can be extremely attractive but we also believe that they should be nice and warm on the inside. Luxurious fleecy cuffs should be matched by equally luxurious, soft and warm inners. The best are perfect examples of the way functional outdoor gear can be made to look great too. For really cold, wet days, choose calf-length footwear over ankle boots. They'll make sure no dampness creeps in over the top of the boot and the extra height will prevent drafts and keep your lower legs as warm as possible.