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Winter and Rain Boots

Kids get excited by a lot of things that we adults might find a little bit mundane. One of these things is undoubtedly the rain, which is why we're pleased to offer our range of rain boots for those with smaller feet. You needn't worry if little Jimmy or Jenny want to stomp around the garden trying to find the biggest, muddiest puddles as these water resistant and/or waterproof boots will make sure that they stay dry, even if not particularly clean. Also suitable for colder winter, weather when you're more likely to join them for some snowman building and snow angel making fun.

We stock a wide range of snow boots for kids too. Some of these are also waterproof, but all of them are great for keeping little feet warm on really cold days. They can be worn in the rain, in the snow, or whenever it's cold outside. As with all footwear, customers are welcome to return all unused kids boots and shoes if they don't fit perfectly. Subject to normal terms and conditions we will be happy to arrange a refund or an exchange.