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Winter and Rain Boots

There are few things worse than cold, wet feet. Whether you're going out for groceries in the rain or embarking on a hike in the snow, chilly feet are unpleasant at the very best and downright dangerous at worst. Happily there are all kinds of warm, waterproof snow boots and rain footwear available. Whatever your needs are you should be able to find a pair to suit you. First, think about insulation. Are you looking for rubber boots that just keep the water out or something really warm for dealing with seriously cold weather? Some of the products on this page can be worn on wet summer days while others are more suitable for sub-zero temperatures.

Water can come in over the top of even the most waterproof shoes and low boots. If you walk through knee-deep snow without gaiters on it will stick to your cuffs and socks, melt, and make its way downwards all the way to your toes. The higher your winter rain boots are the more protected you are. You'll also be able to walk through puddles and small streams without a problem in mid-calf boots. Loose rubber boots are great for the farmyard and short walks in wet conditions but they're not always the best choice for more demanding use. Feet can move around a lot, which makes walking on unstable surfaces harder and increases the chances of blisters. If you're going to be walking in the hills in winter, choose a fitted boot with laces.