1% for the Planet

By: Bart Beck

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Maybe it was while you unwrapped some food or perhaps when you bought your last jacket. Whichever it was, if you’re a member of the outdoor community, you’re sure to have come across a little logo with a blue planet and “1%” on it. If you’re not already in the know, here’s a short rundown on what that little logo entails.

One Percent for the Planet was founded in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard (the same guy who founded Patagonia) and Craig Mathews (owner of Blue Ribbon Flies). The purpose of the venture was to encourage businesses to donate at least 1% of their sales to environmental causes. As they say, they are “A global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet. More than $150 Million dollars (have been) given back to the environment.”

Currently, the organization operates on an international level and, in cooperation with their members and non-profit partners, address environmental issues ranging from clean water to wildlife protection. Examples of what has been accomplished include protecting wild salmon, purchasing threatened habitats, and measuring human impacts. There is no shortage of future projects, and the organization continues the tireless work of protecting our planet.

Just remember, when you buy a pair of pants, you’re getting much more than a pair of pants; make sure what you’re getting is something you value and can appreciate. When it’s time to make that next purchase, take a look for the logo, and know that some of your money will be going to a good cause.

Some brands we carry that participate in 1% for the Planet: Klean Kanteen, Patagonia, Oliberte, & Toad & Co


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For more information and details, check out their website: www.onepercentfortheplanet.org


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