Appalachian Outdoors & The North Face Thank All Healthcare + First Responder Workers

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As all of us continue to work through navigating these unprecedented times, we need to show our support for the healthcare workers and first responders who are at the head of the COVID crisis. Without their dedication, this would be a much more difficult time to get through, and we are proud to partner with The North Face in order to show our gratitude for those working on the frontline of this worldwide issue.

As our way of thanking each of you for the hard and essential work that you’re doing, we are offering 50% off of most full-price items* that we have from The North Face to our in-store customers. All that is required to take advantage of this program is to show your valid ID at the register.

Here is our complete list of applicable employees:

Healthcare Workers


◾Clinical Coders

◾Clinical Nurse Specialists

◾Clinical Officers


◾Doctors Of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)


◾Health Administrators

◾Hospital Workers

◾Licensed Practical Nurses

◾Medical Assistants

◾Medical Doctors (MD)

◾Medical Laboratory Scientists

◾Medical Transcriptionists

◾Nurse Anesthetists

◾Nurse Practitioners

◾Nurse Midwives

◾Occupational Therapists




◾Pharmacy Technicians


◾Physician Assistants




◾Physical Therapists



◾Registered Nurses

◾Respiratory Therapists

◾Speech-Language Pathologists


◾Surgeon’s Assistants

◾Surgical Technologists

First Responders

◾Firefighters (including volunteer and career firefighters)


◾Law Enforcement (including local police, state police, Federal police, sheriffs, constables, marshals, corrections officers and civilian employees)

◾Employees of the FBI, DEA, CBP and TSA

*Excludes The North Face Collections: Summit Series, Steep Series, Flight Series, Icon

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