Arts Fest 2012

Alas, Arts Fest 2012 has come to an end.

Thankfully, Happy Valley provided local as well as regional artists participating in the festival with pretty fabulous weather, thus allowing all guests to wander and gaze with wonder at the outpour of talent all around !

The crowd of art lovers that poured into State College was substantial and exuded an energy that could only be classified as gleeful and optimistic. Visitors were most excited to see what participating artists had in store (in booth) as well as to experience the best of what Happy Valley has to offer.

Among the beautiful array of works of all shapes, sizes and mediums lining Allen Street, and beyond, were the sublime, intricate and award winning designs of Karyn Debraskey (see image below).

Please visit Karyn’s website at: for more information !

If you missed this grand event this time around, please try to make it next summer !
We hope to see you then !

For those of you that did make it, please fill us in, drop us a line, share your impressions of this Happy Valley classic !

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