Black Diamond Trekking Poles

by Dan Trew. 

Continuing our look into the new Black Diamond Equipment  offerings this season, it’s time to dive into the world of trekking poles. Black Diamond was the inventor of the external locking system for collapsible poles, and that initial technical advance is still present across their line.

The flick lock system found on the Trail and Ergo Cork trekking poles utilizes a metal-on-metal contact for the lock. This gives a much better lock than nylon or other plastics pressing against metal and also does not deteriorate as readily as the plastic locks. The external locks are also easily maintainable in the field with the adjustment screw, which can be turned by everything from a screw driver to a fingernail or coin.

black diamond trail trekking poles

Black Diamond Trail Trekking Poles


Black Diamond Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

distance trekking poles

Black Diamond Distance FL Trekking Poles


Black Diamond has take the Z-Pole line to new places thanks to the Distance FL series, which employs the same technology Black Diamond currently uses in their avalanche probes. This quick deploying system takes all the hard work out of pulling apart multiple segments of poles. Because the Distance FL does not leave you with a fixed length pole, there is an upgraded steel external flick lock to give you a range of sizes. This allows you to find the perfect, most comfortable size for your pole to help increase stability on uneven terrain. The Z-Poles themselves come in a variety of sizes to help provide a better and more ergonomic fit to individuals, so it’s recommended to come into a specialty store like Appalachian Outdoors to find the proper trekking pole for your fit.

Trekking poles can make the difference between an adventure you’ll remember and bruises you’d soon like to forget. To ensure you find the best possible pole in your price range and ability, come on in to Appalachian Outdoors to talk to our experienced staff members to get properly paired with the best possible trekking pole.

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