Five Barbecue Essentials

By: Levi Opsatnic

Temperatures in the eighties, bluebird skies, and green vegetation, warm weather is finally here to stay. And you know what that means? It’s barbeque season. A time that just about everyone loves. Whether you’re enjoying it around a campfire, parking lot at your favorite team’s game, or your backyard, there’s nothing better than enjoying some food and beverages while soaking up the sun with your friends.

Now, Appalachian Outdoors is no stranger to enjoying a good ol’ fashioned barbeque, and that’s why we try to stock our store with some of the coolest things to really help make these types of events fun and memorable. So without anymore babbling about how exciting this time of year is, here are five essential barbecue items.

1. Silipint Cup

Liberty Mountain Silipint

Is there anything silly about a cup that is indestructible, can easily be washed, and is sure to impress? Well, I think not. Which is why Liberty Mountain’s Silipint is a must have for any summer party. Holding a generous 16 ounces, this cup is far from limited on where you can bring it, and if things get hairy and you drop it, don’t worry, as its food grade silicone will be perfectly fine; just be sure to keep it away from the fire.

2. Hydroflask 64 oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Hydro Flask 64 oz

Another favorite and must have for the barbecuing season, Hydro Flask’s 64 oz Wide Mouth Bottle is about as perfect as it comes for daylong sessions of hanging out. Being insulated incredibly well, this bad boy won’t sweat from chilly drinks and will keep icy beverages cold for at least 24 hours and hot drinks nice and warm for twelve. From keeping a growler cold from sunup to sundown, all the way to having enough coffee to keep the entire crowd jazzed up, the 64 oz Wide Mouth Bottle does just about everything that you’ll need.

3. Icemule Coolers Large Classic Cooler

Icemule Large Classic Cooler (1)

Okay, I’ll start this one by saying, whoever had this idea is pretty darn close to a genius. With the creation of their easily carried coolers, like their Large Classic Cooler, they are able to remove the annoying task of toting coolers from spot to spot. Ideal for those tailgates where you’re jumping from one place to another, Icemule allows you to bring all of your favorite foods and drinks along with you for the fun. Able to keep things cold for 24 hours and hold 18 cans, the Large Classic Cooler is one practical way to tackle a summer get together.

4. Helinox Swivel Chair

Helinox Swivel Chair

Just right for taking a load after being on your feet for hours or just sitting back and enjoying everything that’s going on around you, Helinox’s Swivel Chair is an item that won’t take many uses to be secured in your list of necessary barbecue paraphernalia. This chair lets you rotate around so you won’t ever miss a beat, is as light as can be so carrying is never an issue, and stuffs itself up into a sack so it doesn’t take up much room at all. Add in its comfortable design and mesh ventilation, and this chair is one that everyone is going to be begging to sit in.

5. Yeti Coolers Tundra 45 Cooler

Yeti Cooler Tundra 45

Made for the most serious of tailgaters and barbecuers, any cooler in Yeti’s line is a piece of equipment that simply can’t be beat, even after years of terrible abuse. And their Tundra 45 Cooler is far from an exception. Designed to keep things chilled longer than the longest of parties and hold a whopping 26 cans, this cooler works as a cool and convenient beverage hub regardless of where you end up; and we promise, any and all partygoers will be gazing at this beast with eyes of amazement and jealousy after they pull their first drink from it.

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