Five on Friday: Dress(es) to Impress

by Jacob Gordon.  

Appoutdoors.comSome days, a top is just what’s needed to beat the heat; other days, you’re going to want an airy, breathable dress. That’s exactly what I’m bringing you today: five dresses built for your comfort during the summer months.

The criteria here I decided to work with were fit, fashion, comfort. The dresses needed to have a flattering fit that’s going to make you want to wear it again and again. Fashion was considered in terms of looks. Could it work just as well with friends at a club or pub on a Friday night as it would in the office on Monday morning? And comfort? Well, I think we all know comfort is important, so here I decided to focus on dresses with super soft fabrics, summer-friendly technologies, or a lightweight design, all in the hopes of keeping you cool when the temps keep on climbing.

So with that in mind, here are five dresses to impress.

1. Horny Toad Long Island Dresshorny toad dress
The Long Island Dress from Horny Toad is made from a blend of eco-friendly fabrics that are light on weight and light on your conscience. The longer length of the Long Island Dress makes it perfect for festivals or backyard bbqs, and the ruched elasticized waistband and shelf bra offer support in the spots you need it most. For those times you’d like to ditch the purse, you’ll love the hidden stash pocket on the Long Island that allows for minimal traveling.



2. Prana Quinn DressPrana Dress
It’s not hard to see why the Quinn Dress is a staple in the Prana lineup: it’s perfect for summer-time fun! Made from Prana’s own lightweight, eco-friendly Veeda Fabric, the Quinn Dress features a flirty combo of a double strap racerback and scoop neck. The result is a unique look that’s just as breezy as it is stylish. If that’s not enough, you can choose from either the classic touch of the all black version, or go for a more unique look with the colored pattern dresses. No matter what, you’re guaranteed to feel as great as you look.



3. Patagonia Morning Glory Dress Patagonia Dress
All hail the beauty and comfort that is Patagonia’s Morning Glory Dress! Just from a glance, you can tell this dress is geared for style. It takes the double strap racerback and scoop neck combo of the Quinn Dress and adds its own twist to it — literally! The back straps twist at the middle, adding some nice flourishes while also lifting the straps ever so slightly, improving the ventilation a bit. The Morning Glory is made from a synthetic jersey knit that has enough stretch to bend to your every move, but the fabric also wicks moisture and dries quickly. So even if you get a bit overheated, you’ll still stay nice and dry.



4. Kuhl Java Dress  Kuhl Women's Java Dress
From a company with a name like Kuhl, you better believe the Java Dress helps keep you cool and collected this summer. The uneven hemline and French seams add flirty touches that are sure to add a chic touch, while the geranium print lightens up your wardrobe. But it’s really the fabric of the Java Dress that shines here. Made from repurposed coffee grounds — you read that right — the Java Dress is super soft to the touch with just the right amount of stretch to rest gently against your skin as you stroll around town. The UPF 50 rating beats the Sun’s UV rays, keeping you protected when shade is hard to come by.



5. Columbia Some R Chill Dress  Columbia Sportswear Women's Some R Chill Dress
Columbia engineered the Some R Chill Dress to keep you cool all summer long. The Some R Chill Dress features a tag team of Omni-technologies: Omni-Freeze and Omni-Wick. Omni-Freeze is the tech that keeps you nice and cool thanks to a specially shaped yarn that feels cool to the touch during warmer weather, while Omni-Wick works to remove moisture buildup, keeping you nice and dry. The stylish look of the Some R Chill Dress works great for work or play, and the ruffled detailing along the midsection adds some nice stylish touches. The Some R Chill Dress melds the best of the technical and fashionable worlds into one sharp piece.

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