Five on Friday: Five Back to School Backpacks

By: Levi Opsatnic

Whether parents and students like it, we’re getting pretty close to the beginning of the school year. And is there really a better way to get ready to tackle the first day of class than with a new backpack? If you answered that question with a big ol’ “no,” then get ready because, this week, we’re going to highlight five daypacks that are sure to get you through a year’s worth of even the most difficult and textbook-oriented subjects. And for those of us who may not be starting another year of school but are looking to replace their old daypack, don’t fret, because these five packs will transition wonderfully right onto any concrete or dirt path.

1. Jansport Superbreak Backpack

Jansport Superbreak Backpack

Quite possibly one of the most iconic backpacks, Jansport’s Superbreak Backpack has been serving students for years, and I don’t see an end coming anytime soon. Lightweight, cost-effective, colorful, and organized, you’ll have a hard time finding a better route whenever you’re seeking a pack that is minimal, but effective.

2. Dakine Mission Pack

Dakine Mission Pack

If your mission is to remain prepared, organized, and looking cool all at the same time, then Dakine’s Mission Pack was built just for you. Featuring a very well-organized construction, padded waist belt, and straps for your board, this pack has everything that you need for the classroom as well as the slopes. And whenever you’re running late and need to cruise into to class, you’ll be sure to appreciate the fact that you can strap your skateboard in and go about your day. What more could you ask for in a backpack?

3. Patagonia Refugio Pack

Patagonia Refugio Pack

Patagonia takes the quality that they’re so famously known for and applies it to their Refugio Pack to give you a pack that’s able to store every and anything. For those times where a quiet library is your refuge, you’ll be sure to love all of the organizational features of this pack. Add in a DWR finish, some comfy air flow mesh shoulder straps, and a sturdy design and the Refugio Pack is ready to get you through finals week as well as a night spent camping with your buddies.

4. The North Face Borealis Daypack

The North Face Borealis Pack

It’s been in their line of packs for quite some time, it’s loved by people worldwide, and it’s always ready to carry you through your next adventure, The North Face’s Borealis Daypack offers convenience and versatility that can’t be found in just every backpack. Made with The North Face’s FlexVent technology, this pack offers shoulder and back comfort that you won’t soon forget, while a fleece-lined laptop sleeve, wealth of organization, and a designated space just for your raincoat makes this pack ready for anything that you are. And for a limited time, the first twenty people to come into Appalachian Outdoors and purchase a full-priced pack from The North Face will receive a free 2 GB North Face flash drive that’s perfect for backing up those tough homework assignments.

5. Osprey FlapJack Pack

Osprey Flapjack Pack

A commuting classic, Osprey’s FlapJack Pack (and Osprey FlapJill Pack for the ladies) adopts a sense of urban exploration that every commuter will love. Made from a tough fabric, this pack isn’t afraid to go anywhere, and its laptop pocket combined with a spacious and organized interior turns it into the perfect bag for hitting campus. And whenever you’re returning after a long night of studying, this pack’s reflective accents are there to keep you safe and sound.

6. Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

It’s not every Friday that we throw an extra into the mix, but I don’t think that this list would really be complete without at least one messenger bag. And Timbuk2′s Classic Messenger Bag is undoubtedly one of the coolest messengers out there. Designed with a strong and burly fabric, this messenger bag won’t back down from things like riding your bike through puddles or catching the corner of a desk as you find your seat. Throw in a perfectly constructed system of space and pockets, and you’ll find that this bag will put a smile on anyone’s face who likes to keep things nice and neat.

As an added backpack bonus, if you bring your old bag into our store (123 South Allen Street) before September 7th 2015, then you’ll be entered to win $500.00 worth of gear from The North Face. That’s right, $500.00 of free North Face gear just for donating your old backpack that probably hasn’t seen any love in years!

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