Five on Friday: Five Men’s Flip Flops

By: Levi Opsatnic

Only a couple short days away, the summer season is almost underway. And without an end anytime soon, flip flop season is going to be in full force for the next few months. One of the best ways to let your feet hang out on a casual day, flip flops offer a breathability that you can’t find in every shoe, a comfortable fee, and a certain, casual appearance that has everyone thinking that you’re one cool dude.

So guys, we’ll apologize for skipping you last week, and hook you up with five different flip flops that are sure to help you make the most out of hot, sunny, and laid-back days.

1. Reef Chipper Sandals

Reef Chipper Sandals

Simple, but with a dedication to keeping you comfy, Reef’s Chipper Sandals will carry you from grassy fields to beaches all across the globe. Made from a soft rubber with an interestingly patterned footbed these sandals keep your feet feeling nothing short of great. Perfect for easy days, these affordable sandals will take you from the first days of spring to the beginning of fall.

2. Teva Classic Flip Sandals

Teva Classic Flip Sandals Men

We covered the Teva Women’s Classic Flip Sandals two weeks ago, but Teva’s Classic Flips are just as awesome for guys. Made with a minimal look and construction, these lightweight and cushy sandals have everything that you need whenever you’re looking to easily slip on a pair of flips and go about your day.

3. Sanuk Beer Cozy Light Sandals

Sanuk Beer Cozy Light

Like an ice cold beverage on a painfully hot summer day, Sanuk’s Beer Cozy Light Sandals are the perfect way to let your feet unwind and take it easy. Featuring a footbed made with the exact same comfort as a yoga mat, these sandals give your feet a calm and cozy feel, while a clean look lets you wear them to any warm weather event on your agenda.

4. Volcom Recliner Sandals

Volcom Recliner Sandals

If you thought that some of the other sandals in this list were as comfy as can be, you may have thought wrong, because Volcom’s Recliner Sandals take comfort to an entirely new level. A footbed like a sea of clouds gives your feet a feel that will have them duped into thinking that they’re still catching some z’s, and a sharp look prevents you from having to swap shoes before dinner.

5. Olukai Hiapo Sandals

Olukai Hiapo Sandals

If the word “elegance” was named after a sandal, it would most likely be named after Olukai’s Hiapo Sandals. A rich leather upper provides a stylish look that can be worn anywhere from a sea salt soaked boardwalk to an arid desert in the middle of the country. Throw in pods of traction on the sole and a cushioned EVA midsole, and you’ll quickly find that the Hiapo Sandals are your best buddy.

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