Five on Friday: Five Reasons to Attend Ladies Night

By: Levi Opsatnic

Well, yes, we were supposed to discuss five different flip flops for men this week, but we are going to put that one on the back burner until next week.

We all know the age old saying “ladies first.” And this week, it’s all about the ladies. Yep, it’s time for our annual Ladies’ Night event, Wednesday June 17th, 6-9PM. Like all of the events at Appalachian Outdoors, this one is going to be jam-packed with FUN, free stuff, discounts, and good times. Join us and spice up the middle of your week. And don’t be shy guys,this will be a fun evening for the men as well. And without further a do;

5 Reasons to join us for Ladies Night, Wednesday June 17th, 6-9PM:

1. Relaxation and Fun, Fun, Fun

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It’s the middle of the week, the weekend isn’t too far off, but we all need a day to take it easy before the weekend is actually here. And what better way to do that than by spending a few hours at Appalachian Outdoors? From a ton of great camaraderie, food and beverages, and special Ladies Night coupons that will help you pick up the perfect piece of summer gear, we’ll have it all.

2. A Silent Auction Benefiting the Centre County Women’s Resource Center

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Our vendors have generously donated some of their most popular products for a silent auction. Not only will this help you get some awesome stuff, but all proceeds of this auction will be donated to the Centre County Women’s Resource Center. A win-win situation for everyone!

3. Artemis Massage Studio with Free Massages

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Maybe you have had a stressful week, maybe you’ve just finishing up some gardening, or completed a few dozen mile journey, can you think of anything more relaxing and enjoyable than a free massage? Our friends at Artemis Massage Studio “will be back” this year providing FREE chair massages throughout the entire evening! Be sure to visit the massage station early in the evening to reserve your massage time, and get the kinks out and keep the positivity flowing.

4. Big Spring Spirits with Complementary Tastings

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So you were graced with one heck of a massage, and now you are ready to unwind. Big Spring Spirits will be joining us and will be providing complementary tastes of their spirits and popular craft cocktails.

5. Raffles every Fifteen Minutes all evening!

#5 Image

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Will Wednesday June 17th be your lucky day? Grab that heads up penny on your way into the store and maybe you will be one of the lucky winners to receive a bag filled with all sorts of fun and useful goodies.

6. And More!

#6 Image

We have SO much planned for Ladies Night that we’ve added a #6 to our Five on Friday. Dr. Matt Reyes, sports chiropractor will be joining us, with information regarding the best ways to stay active and injury free. Stephanie Lord of Rothrock Botanicals will be on hand featuring her handcrafted, botanically derived body products for men & women.

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