Five on Friday: Five Women’s Flannels

By: Levi Opsatnic

Well, it seems that almost every time I go to write a post, the weather has made some sort of drastic, irregular change. Though it’s December (and we probably should have seen at least some snow by now), the forecast still tops out around the high fifties. I’d be lying if these temperatures weren’t a bit convenient, and fortunately, they blend perfectly with this week’s Five on Friday: Five Women’s Flannels.

Flannels are just plain perfect for this type of weather. Whether it’s a chilly day and you need to pair it with a vest, or it’s just another one of the random bluebird days that this “fall” has granted us with, a flannel is sure to fit in. So without any further interruption, here are five flannels to keep all of the ladies cozy during this strange spell of weather.

1. Columbia Simply Put II Flannel Shirt

Image 1 (4)

It’s cute, affordable, and, simply put, Columbia’s Simply Put II Flannel is sure to become a hit. With a striking swathe of colors and a fully cotton construction, this shirt can accompany you everywhere from your favorite lunch diner all the way to a mid-afternoon stroll along your hometown’s creek.

2. Woolrich Pemberton Dogfish Head Flannel Shirt

Image 2 (4)

Sure, we talked about the guy’s version before Thanksgiving, but, personally, I don’t think that all of the girls should get the short end of that stick, especially considering that Woolrich’s Pemberton Dogfish Head Flannel Shirt is one pretty cool stick to have. In collaboration with Dogfish Head Brewery, Woolrich created a pretty snazzy line of clothing (this flannel included), while Dogfish Head brewed up a quite flavorful brew, both lines appropriately were deemed the “Pennsylvania Tuxedo.” And although this particular shirt doesn’t sport the classic red and black appearance, it does offer you a vibrant look and a feel that you’ll always be coming back for. From downing drinks to trailside lounging, the Pemberton Dogfish Head Flannel Shirt is one that you’ll always want on your side.

3. Prana Anja Top

Image 3 (5)

So maybe it doesn’t fit the flannel mold that most of us have in mind, however, Prana’s Anja Top is sure to exceed your flannel expectations. Keeping our planet in mind, Prana stitched this top entirely from organic cotton in order to let it drape over your body in the utmost of comfort. Not only is the Anja Top a dream to wear, but it’s two-tone plaid appearance pairs well with just about anything and, its hood adds just a bit of additional warmth whenever the wind picks up.

4. Patagonia Fjord Flannel

Image 4 (4)

Maybe I have some strange bias towards the Fjord Flannel, or maybe it’s just the fact that the combination of Patagonia’s hefty construction and their flawless color schemes just makes for the perfect shirt. Designed to be a bit heavier than some of the others in this list, the Fjord Flannel offers a sense of coziness that will have you thinking that you never walked away from the fireplace, and its striking appearance will have you fighting off the compliments everywhere you go.

5. Woolrich Pemberton Lined Flannel Jac

Image 5 (3)

Although this is the second Woolrich product in the list, and weirdly enough, the second Pemberton Flannel of the list, I think that this week wouldn’t be complete without the addition of the Pemberton Lined Flannel Jac. Is it a shirt or is it a jacket? Well if you want to get technical, I think that it’s both. Featuring a fleece lining, this shirt retains your body’s heat better than any other top in this list and keeps you cozy even whenever there’s a painful bite in the air. And whether you’re honing in on that classic lumberjill look or its more neutral alternative, you’ll always be able to find an occasion for the Pemberton Lined Flannel Jac.

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