Five on Friday: Five Women’s Flip Flops

By: Levi Opsatnic

Whenever the weather is hot and your days are nothing short of casual, you need a piece of footwear that perfectly fits the occasion, and there’s really nothing better than a pair of flip flops. Though they aren’t the most ideal for those wooded adventures, a comfy pair of flip flops is a stylish and reliable way to navigate through any urban or sandy setting. Whether you call them sandals, flops, thongs, or just shoes, and wear em’ to shop, check the mail, water the garden, or anything else, we all have a pair that conveniently helps us get through summer. And if you don’t, you’re in luck because here are five different flip flops for all of the gals out there (don’t fret guys; your turn is next week).

1. Teva Classic Flip Sandals

Teva Classic Flip Sandals

Teva’s Classic Flip Sandals are all about keeping your feet comfortable and have just a splash of coloring to give them a subtle, but lovable style. Made with a full EVA footbed and comfy polyester webbing, these sandals are sure to serve you everywhere from the sun soaked streets all the way to those ten mile long boardwalks.

2. Reef Super Swell Sandals

Reef Super Swell Sandals

You may not be able to convince your mind that you’re wandering through a field of clouds, but I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to persuade your feet into thinking that you are with Reef’s Super Swell Sandals. A comfortable and wavelike footbed offers some of the best in the way of functional cushiness, while a cute and unique look lets you strut around looking and feeling, well, quite swell.

3. Sanuk Yoga Zen Sandals

Sanuk Yoga Zen Sandals

Most of us know how darn comfortable a yoga mat is; I mean, they are crafted for us to lie on for hours in strange, contorted poses without complaint. Well, Sanuk takes that sort of amazing comfort and applies it to their Yoga Zen Sandals to keep you, your feet, and your mind at ease from the beginning to the end of the day.

4. Reef Gypsylove Sandals

Reef Gypsylove Sandals

Perfectly skipping along the line of supreme comfort and classic styling (with a side of hippy), Reef’s Gypsylove Sandals are a wonderful choice for hot days that have an agenda full of wandering. To keep you from slipping around after an unexpected shower, these sandals feature a sole that always has traction on the mind. And a rich, leather footbed combined with a cute and vibrant webbing keeps you reaching for these bad boys any chance you get.

5. Olukai Ohana Sandals

Olukai Ohana Sandals

Would this post really be complete without at least one pair of Olukai’s? Probably not. In Hawaii, Olukai’s are a pair of shoes that you rely on for just about every aspect of your life. But here in Pennsylvania, their shoes are something leaving tons of people anxiously awaiting the first day that’s warm enough for them to bust out their pair. If you haven’t already experienced this warm weather urge, then Olukai’s Ohana Sandals are a great place to start off.  Named after the Hawaiin word for “family,” these sandals have enough cushioned support to tackle just about anything. And combining a grippy outsole with a water-resistant upper, soft EVA footbed, and super cute look preps these shoes up for anything from kicking around town to playing in the tide on a sunny day.

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