Five on Friday: Five Women’s Wool Socks

By: Levi Opsatnic

Last week, we talked woolen socks for guys, and this Friday, it’s time to hit that topic for the female counterparts. If you didn’t tune in last week, or are completely lost as to why anyone would ever put themselves through the burden of wearing wool socks on an eighty degree day, then let me break this one down for you. Natural and a renewable resource, merino wool is used to make (in my opinion) some of the most comfortable and versatile socks out there. How is one material able to do that? Well, merino wool offers some benefits to us that just can’t be found anywhere else, and a few of the more noteworthy ones would be its antimicrobial properties that keep your socks odor-free (go ahead, wear your wool socks a few days in a row, we won’t tell), regulation of temperature over a range of conditions, wicking and breathability like you’ve never seen before, and super easy care and washing. With an awesome list of features like that, it’s almost hard to ever think cotton again…even if you’ve never had on a pair of merino socks.

Whether you’re looking for a sock to get you through those impromptu summer hikes, a yoga session, or just some good ol’ relaxation, we’ll be sure to have you covered in this list of woolies.

1. Fits Sock Co. Ultralight Runner No Show Socks

Fits Sock Co Ultra Light Runner No Show Sock

With Fits Socks, the name of their game is providing you a sock that is comfortable, long-lasting, and has a “fit” that your feet are sure to love. And their Ultralight Runner No Show Socks will prove that point ten times over. Made to hide below your shoe but let the comfort roll allover your foot, these socks feature a predominantly wool construction, as well as the combination of a Dynamic Toe Cup, Heel Lock, and Full Contact Cuff that will hug your feet in all the right places.

2. Smartwool PhD Ultralight Socks

Smartwool PhD Ultralight Socks

Smartwool knows that your feet want nothing more than to stay comfy, which is why they crafted a sock like their PhD Ultralight Sock that is smart enough to know exactly what your feet want at all times. Super lightweight and ventilated, these socks keep you cool on long, hot days, and their 4 Degree Elite Fit System gives your feet the support that they need in all the right places.

3. Darn Tough ¼ Cushion Socks

Darn Tough 1-4 Cushion Socks

For those of us who like having some padding underfoot, Darn Tough’s ¼ Cushion Socks are just for you. Always ready for a good hike, these socks hit right below the ankle to extend the comfort without adding going overboard. Add in their reinforced heel and toe, as well as an elastic support at the arch and some cushioning around your sole, and these socks ensure that the comfort is always turned all the way up. From hikes to sitting outside on the patio, the ¼ Cushion Socks are sure to have you covered.

4. Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Mid Crew Socks

Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Mid Crew Sock

Letting the comfort flow up your calves, Smartwool’s PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Mid Crew Socks can do everything from a run on a cool morning, hike on a hot day, to a Sunday afternoon spent takin’ it easy. Crafted with a focus on merino wool, these socks offer all of the great features listed above, but also keep your feet extra cool and comfy thanks to a 4 Degree Elite Fit System and mesh zones in all of the right places. Top things off with a cute and colorful look and the PhD Outdoor Light Pattern Mid Crew Socks will have you ready for anything.

5. Darn Tough Good Witch Light Socks

Darn Tough Good WItch Light Socks

Stripes can always save you in a pinch, and whenever you combine that with the rich, all-day comfort of Darn Tough’s Good Witch Light Socks, your feet are going to be in for a real treat. The highest hitting socks on the list, these bad boys were made for those of us who like their sock’s secure comfort to reach new heights. Whether your perfect day consists of trekking through the woods or flipping channels on the tube, your feet are sure to appreciate the soft construction, arch support, and fun colors of the Good Witch Light Socks.

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