Five on Friday: Hats to Keep you Dry

By: Levi Opsatnic

The last two weeks in State College, Pennsylvania have been full of those rain showers that the spring season is so famous for. A combination of daylong downpours and sporadic showers have been plaguing this area like locusts in Egypt. And for this reason, I’ve found myself carrying a rain hat with me just about everywhere I go. Not only do these awesome hats block out the rain quite well, but they also work to shield you from the bright sun that often shines right after a springtime soaking.

Whether you call em’ boonies, rain hats, sun hats, buckets, fisherman’s hats, or Gilligans, they’re more convenient to tote around than an umbrella, just as effective, and also a bit more stylish. So here are five different rain hats to keep you free from the rain and sun this season.

1. Columbia Watertight Booney Hat

Columbia Watertight Booney Hat

Columbia knows that the spring weather is unpredictable to say the least, which is why they crafted their Watertight Booney Hat. Made with sealed seams and a waterproof construction, this hat allows you to trek through a rainstorm without getting ten different types of cold and wet. And whenever the rain subsides and you don’t want to take your hat off, simply attach each velcro side up for some convenient and full protection of the sun’s annoying rays.

2. Volcom Mod-Tech Bucket Hat

Volcom Mod-Tech Bucket Hat

Made with a little more of an urban style than some of the other rain hats in our list, Volcom’s Mod-Tech Bucket Hat is perfect for those of us who are stylishly trying to keep dry on an unfortunately wet day. A bucket style gives this hat a slightly smaller brim, but one that will still keep you dry on your daily commute, while its two vent holes allow for just enough air flow to keep you from overheating on a toasty day. Throw in some classic, yet unique logos from Volcom, and this hat brings as much in the way of killer looks as it does in weather protection.

3. Sunday Afternoons River Guide Hat

Sunday Afternoons River Guide Hat

The boating and river junkies out there are sure to be swooned by the River Guide Hat from Sunday Afternoons, but those of us who like to stay dry and shaded will have just as hard of a time turning this hat down. From resting by the river to walking around town, a water-resistant design keeps you from getting soggy and irritated, and a bit of ventilation allows your head’s heat to escape and keep you from getting uncomfortable. Whenever the sun breaks through the clouds and you don’t want to squint yourself through the day, you’ll find that the River Guide Hat’s dark brim is just what you need. You’ll also find that its classic look is always there to add a stylish appeal to any outfit.

4. Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Hat

Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Hat

If you have a serious urge to beat out the most intense of storms, or plan on spending a ton of time in a very rainy climate (such as Seattle), then Outdoor Research’s Seattle Sombrero was made for you. A GORE-TEX, seam-taped fabric blocks out just about any form of precipitation that Mother Nature has in her arsenal, while a finely crafted shape allows the rain to roll right away from your head and out of the way.  Whenever the post-shower humidity sets in, that same GORE-TEX fabric will breathe and keep your head nice and comfy. Thousand mile backpacking trips with crazy weather, rainy weeks around town, and anything else wet, the Seattle Sombrero Hat is one that will stop rainclouds dead in their path.

5. Tilley Endurables LTM6 Hat

Tilley Endurables LTM6

A favorite in the Tilley line and a real favorite of mine, the LTM6 Hat from Tilley Endurables is comfy, protects you from a shower on a sunny day, and blocks UV rays like no other. One of the few hats we carry that is built off of an actual blockhead (a head shaped frame used to craft a hat that ensures a more stable and comfortable fit), this hat rests nice and easy on your head, and with a ton of size options, allows you to get the perfect fit. To keep you cool on a hot day, this hat has a mesh upper that offers the perfect amount of breathability, and just in case you need a spot to store your credit card or some cash, the Velcro pocket in the crown offers just the right spot. From sunny beach wanderings, lazy days of exploration, all the way down to weekends spent fishing, the LTM6 is a hat that you and your head are sure to love wearing.

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