Five on Friday: Kuhl Products to Keep You Warm

by Jacob Gordon.

You’ve read what makes Kuhl such a cool company, and this Five on Friday looks to explore Kuhl products a little further. It might seem odd that once the temps start to fall you’d turn to a company called Kuhl, but with an array of fleece tops and jackets, Kuhl has the goods to keep you toasty warm this winter.

To help ensure equality, we’ll make this a  Six on Friday: three products each for men and women.

One type of clothing that won’t be covered here will be Kuhl pants. While they may be tough and comfortable, they don’t really work to keep you warm. You should still definitely check them out since they’re super durable and some of our best-sellers.

1. Kuhl Women’s Aurora Full Zip Jacket


The Aurora Full Zip Top from Kuhl provides excellent versatility, acting as a sporty top around town or as your favorite mid-layer while playing on the mountain. The sporty shaped cut hugs your body for a more flattering fit, while the ALFPACA fleece not only keeps your body heat where you want it, but feels super soft to the touch.

2. Women’s Kuhl Savina Sweater


The Savina Sweater from Kuhl has a long length that offers extra coverage and a sleek look. Made from the same ALFPACA fleece as the Aurora, the Savina keeps your body heat from escaping while featuring a super soft feel you’ll love against your skin. The micro-fleeced line collar minimizes chaffing, keeping you nice and comfy, and the bar button front closures add some slight bling touches to the Savina Sweater.


3. Women’s Kuhl Flight Jacket


Imagine your favorite, most cuddliest fleece blanket. Now, turn that blanket into a jacket, and that’s exactly what you get with the Flight Jacket from Kuhl. The mid-weight fleece is super soft and comfy, making you want to just curl up with this jacket and enjoy a nice roaring fire.

4. Men’s Kuhl Stovepipe Sweater


It doesn’t get any more classic than the Stovepipe Sweater from Kuhl. The shearling-lined collar keeps your warmth from escaping, while add a unique mountain-esque style to your wardrobe. Flatlock seam construction intensifies the strength and durability of the Stovepipe, so you can rest easy once this sweater becomes your go-to during the week; it’s built to last.

5. Kuhl Men’s Revel 1/4 Zip Sweater


You’ll revel in the Revel 1/4 Zip Sweater from Kuhl this winter because it’s the perfect layering piece for a day on the mountain or a shift at work. KASHMIRA fabric offers a super soft hand that helps regulate your body temp, so you’ll always stay nice and comfy. Should you start to heat up, you’ll love the 1/4 zip construction that gives you some extra ventilation when you need it.

6. Men’s Kuhl Kollusion Jacket


The Kollusion Jacket from Kuhl keeps you protected from the cold and wet elements that winter throws your way. Built with a 5K waterproof/breathable construction, light snow and rain are brushed aside with ease. The articulated 5-panel sleeves offer better mobility and range of motion, so when you pair the Kollusion with a fleece top (say the Stovepipe or Revel 1/4 Sweater above), you’ll have a dynamite winter combination that can’t be beat.

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