Five on Friday: Men’s Softshell Jackets

By: Levi Opsatnic

As the soggy, but sporadic spring weather continues to plague the Eastern half of the United States, I’ve found that my softshell pieces have really been shining lately. While the sun may not always be shining, the effectiveness of my sofshells surely are. From brisk, windy mornings all the way to rainy and muggy afternoons, I can count on any of my softshells to get the job done.

If you didn’t tune in last week, or are still in the dark about what makes softshell jackets so great and versatile, then you may want to pay particular attention to the next sentence or so. Softshell jackets are about as adaptable as they come; made with the perfect combination of wind and water resistance, breathability, and stretch, this class of jackets can keep you comfortable on anything from a warm and windy summer evening to an annoying spring rainstorm. And that’s why I end up incorporating them into my outfit all year long. Though, I definitely love them most during the erratic spring season.

Last week, we reviewed five new softshells for women, and to keep that trend flowing, we’ll dive into five for all of you guys out there.

1. Patagonia All Free Jacket

Patagonia All Free Jacket

New to Patagonia’s line, this piece is one that quickly made its way into my arsenal of softshell jackets. Having bought one shortly after they were released, I can confidently say that this is my new favorite jacket for spring days. Made from a lightweight and stretchy softshell material, this jacket works wonders on those days where you want to wear a jacket, but don’t want to be caught overheating. I’ve quickly found that mine is the perfect companion for a mild day spent casting a fly. It’s done quite well to block the wind, but also to keep me feeling nice and free (there’s that name rearing its head) while I duck under fallen trees and around shrubs. To finish things off, Patagonia gave the All Free Jacket a clean look that I enjoy wearing around town as much as I do on the stream.

2. Patagonia Adze Hybrid Jacket

Patagonia Adze Hybrid Jacket

Yes, this is another softshell from Patagonia, but really that’s because Patagonia seems to have the softshell game dialed in. Made for chillier climates than the All Free Jacket, this jacket features a three-layer Polartec Windbloc fabric that stops gusts of wind dead in their tracks. Pair that with a stretchy design to keep movement at an all-time high and a fleece lined backer to wick moisture and add warmth, and you have a jacket that’s ready for anything from early spring walks around cities to cold, nocturnal hikes. Patagonia also keeps the level of style as high on the Adze Hybrid Jacket as they do on their All Free Jacket to grant you a softshell that you’ll love to throw on no matter what the occasion.

3. The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket

The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket

Whenever most people think of softshells, The North Face’s Apex Bionic Jacket will probably come to mind. This jacket bridges the epitome of classic North Face styling with their adventure-driven attitude to give you a piece that’s always there to have your back, no matter what you have planned. Implementing The North Face’s own Apex ClimateBlock material, this jacket blocks you from any gust of wind that comes your way. And whenever the sun drops and things start to cool down, but your journey isn’t over, you’ll be extra excited about having a fleece lined backer for some extra heat that wicks away any sweat that you build up in a jiff. With a look that’s sharp enough to cut you, don’t be surprised whenever you find yourself reaching for the Apex Bionic Jacket whenever you have a dinner date planned right after your three mile hike through the wildest of terrain.

4. Sierra Designs All Seasons Windjacket

Sierra Designs All Seasons Windjacket

Okay, I know, we discussed this jacket last week for the ladies out there, but really, it’s a softshell that will impress even the toughest of jacket critics. Made to be used every month of the year, the All Seasons Windjacket from Sierra Designs is a softshell that you’ll want in your pack for foul weather just as badly as you’ll want on your back as you cruise through a busy street. This softshell may have the stretchiest design of this list, making it perfect for the truly active days. Not only will it move with you, but it also offers supreme weather protection whenever the wind picks up and the storm clouds move in. Designed without limitations, the All Seasons Windjacket is one that you’ll want to have on all day and any time you get the chance.

5. Arc’teryx Tenquille Hoody

Arc'teryx Tenquille Hoody

Another from last week, but also another definitely worth some recognition for the male side of things, the Tenquille Hoody from Arc’teryx is sure to keep you covered on any of your pursuits requiring a jacket. Arc’teryx crafted this jacket out of their Kauss material to ensure weather protection of every type as well as the right amount of give whenever things get hairy. Add in a hood for the serious showers paired with a clean look, and the Tenquille Hoody will comfortably take you anywhere that your feet and brain decide.

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