Five on Friday: Picking the Right Water Bottle

by Jacob Gordon.  five-on-fridays-logo2

Let’s face it, water bottles aren’t the most exciting thing to talk about. You get thirsty, you reach for your water bottle, you’re no longer thirsty. That’s about it.

But really, picking the right water bottle could be the difference between seamless hydration or a battle for water. And when you stop to look at the various kinds of water bottles out there, the decision you make can feel a bit overwhelming at times.

This Five on Friday focuses on five unique styles of water bottles. Now, I’m not saying you need to have five separate bottles for everything you do, but each bottle plays to unique strengths and situations.


  1. Insulated Water Bottlesinsulated travel mug bottle
  2. Insulated water bottles are engineered to keep your drinks close to their proper temperature for longer times. This means cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay warm. With caps that need a bit of work to unscrew, these might not be the best bottles to quickly sip your liquids, unless you have an insulated bottle with a straw. However, all that screwing with the lids means most of the insulated bottles are completely spill proof, so you can fill it up and toss it in your bag without any worries. And, when paired with café lids, insulated bottles make for great commuter mugs for coffee or tea. Say goodbye to worrying about arriving at work with cold coffee. 


  3. Sport Water Bottlessport water bottle
  4. Water bottles geared for athletic activities allow for quick and easy access to your water, so you can stay hydrated with minimal effort. These bottles will either be made from softer plastic to allow you to squeeze the bottle to get the water, or there will be an easy-to-access straw for quick sipping. While these bottles thrive at the gym, they don’t really offer any flexibility in regards to liquid choices, and do best solely with water. That being said, sport water bottles tend to be great all-around water bottles, and for many of us are the only ones we need.


  5. Everyday Water Bottleswater bottle
  6. If you’re looking for a water bottle for everyday use (i.e. casual sipping), you want a bottle that can hold a lot of liquid to minimize refill trips, but allows for easy access. Everyday bottles could be made from glass or plastic, and can hold anywhere from 16 oz to 48 oz. If you’re looking for quick drinks, you’ll want to go with a narrow mouth or a bottle with a straw, but if you like the option of putting ice in your bottle, go for the wide mouth. What sets the everyday bottles apart are the bright colors or fun design usually featured on them.


  7. Soft Water Bottlessoft water bottle
  8. Soft water bottles are a backpacker’s best friend, especially if you’re looking to cut down on the weight. Soft bottles allow extra versatility by rolling down into almost nothing. The super soft plastic doesn’t really make these bottles great for everyday use (especially since they can’t really stand up on their own), but if you know you need a compact bottle, it’s tough to go wrong with a soft bottle.


  9. Purifying Water Bottlespurifying watrer bottle

A traveler’s or hiker’s best friend, the purifying water bottle allows you to quickly purify your water on a per sip basis. Many of these bottles are made from a fairly soft plastic that allow you to squeeze and force the water through the filter into the spout. And if you aren’t traveling or in the backcountry, you can remove the filter and use the bottle like an everyday bottle. This might the go-to bottle for anyone looking for pure versatility.

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