Five on Friday: Women’s Warm Socks for Winter

By: Levi Opsatnic

Last week, we discussed how to keep all of you guys’ feet toasty on the cold winter days that have been plaguing State College, and our nation, for the last few months. And with no real end in sight to these unrelenting, freezing temperatures, we’ll now cover all of you ladies out there.

Like I said last week, some may view socks as not being an item worth a ton of discussion, but by failing to start with the first form of warm foot preparation, you’ll quickly find that your day can be easily filled with a chill and quite a sense of discomfort. Very similar to a clothing layering system, starting with a good base for your foot ensures that you stay warm and comfy even on those days that chill you right to the bone. And from there, you can certainly count on the addition of any of these womens boots to really seal the warm deal on a brutal day.  Also, don’t worry that some of these socks are carryovers from last week (this week’s socks have a female fit), we just think that they are that darn good at keeping you warm and are worth the limelight.

1. Wigwam Mills Pine Lodge Socks

Wigwam Mills Pine Lodge Socks (1)

Just like those guys out there that may have an allergy to wool, or just don’t like its fuzzy feel, the Pine Lodge Socks from Wigwam Mills are equally perfect for all of you ladies sharing the same problem. Being crafted from a toasty blend of acrylic, cotton, stretch nylon, and spandex means that you’ll be able to get the heat from wool that everybody loves, but without the itch that some experience; a real win-win situation in the sock world.

2. Fits Sock Co. Expedition Rugged Crew Socks

Fits Sock Co Expeditions Rugged Crew Socks

With a pair of socks from Fits Sock Co. being ranked as one of my favorite from last week’s bunch, I’m happy to say that these socks seem to be just as great. With the Expedition Rugged Crew Socks focusing on the “fit” just as well as any other sock in their line, you can surely count on these socks hugging your foot perfectly. Whenever you combine that with their mainly merino wool construction, you’re greeted with comfort and warmth that will carry you through any dreadfully cold day.

3. Smartwool Hike Medium Crew Socks

Smartwool Hike Medium Crew Socks

An absolute favorite in the Smartwool line for its warmth and versatility, the Hike Medium Crew Socks are perfect for extremely chilly days spent in the woods or around the salty streets of State College. Using Smartwool’s WOW technology, you get a cushioned sole so impact never becomes a problem, and being knit of merino wool and a long-lasting nylon works to keep your feet feeling as warm as can be for as long as can be.

4. Smartwool Popcorn Cable Socks

Smartwool Popcorn Cable Socks

Here to bridge the tiny gap standing between style and warm winter function are Smartwool’s Popcorn Cable Socks. For a real sense of heat, these socks are mainly stitched from merino wool that wicks moisture and keeps your feet feeling cozy all day long. And on the other hand, a super cute knit design in some fun colors makes the Popcorn Cable Socks the perfect accessory for those times whenever you want to impress the world around you. For a good comparison, you can think of these socks as being similar to your favorite winter sweater, in a sense that they warm you and give you a look that you’ll be sure to love.

5. Darn Tough Summit Stripe Boot Sock

Darn Tough Summit Stripe Boot Socks

After revealing my soft spot for Darn Tough, last week, I just couldn’t pass up the chance to bring them up again. And if you’re looking for a warm women’s style from Darn Tough, it’s going to be pretty darn difficult to beat their Summit Stripe Boot Sock. With a dense construction of merino wool, nylon, and lycra spandex and a solid cushioning throughout, you get all of the warmth that you need as well as some awesome foot protection. Factor in their cool, striped look, and you get a sock that’s ready to tackle any winter adventure head on.

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