Five on Friday: Women’s Winter Boots

By: Levi Opsatnic

As of this week, State College has finally been experiencing all of the wintery aspects that most have grown to love. The snow has been coming down and the temperatures have been consistently ranking below the freezing point for about a week now. Without a doubt, this can lead to some pretty fun times, and whether it’s hiking, skiing, sledding, or simply a good ol’ fashioned snowball fight, we finally have the appropriate weather.

Though, with all of the wintery fun, comes one aspect that generally isn’t loved nearly as much as all of the exciting weather, and that’s dealing with the cold temperatures. In the past, Jacob has come up with some pretty awesome Five on Fridays like Tech Friendly Gloves  and Womens Synthetic Insulated Jackets for how to keep your upper body and hands nice and toasty, but now’s the time to deal with a part of the body that I have found to be difficult to keep warm, yet vital for any cold-weather activity. We’re talking about your feet here, and this week, we’ll dive right into how to keep all of you ladies’ feet free from frostbite and a ruined day with a review of women’s winter boots. Don’t worry guys, we’ll get to you next week.

1. Columbia Sportswear Luscher Omni-Heat Boots

Columbia Luscher Omni-Heat Boots

Columbia’s Luscher Omni-Heat Boots are pretty much the perfect boot if you’re looking to have a pair of shoes that will stand up to all things winter, from rain, snow, and ice, to salty sidewalks, these boots can surely take a beating. Using Columbia’s Omni-Heat technology, these boots will reflect your feet’s heat to ensure that you don’t get cold as you go about the day. And when you combine that with a thermoplastic rubber outer, you get a boot that keeps you warm and deflects any form of precipitation that Mother Nature has. With a classic, rain boot look, these boots have just enough style to do everything from a day of shopping to a snowy day in the park with the pooch.

2. The North Face Chilkat Nylon Boots

North Face Chillkat Boots

Merging the gap perfectly between warm feet and the right amount of style, The North Face’s Chillkat Nylon Boots ensure warmth, a nice grip when things get slick, and a cute look. A fleece lined collar on these boots lets your feet stay warm and comfy, while The North Face’s temperature-sensitive Winter Grip and IcePick will keep you on your feet even whenever the sidewalk is a sheet of ice.

3. Sorel Campus Short Boots

Sorel Campus Mid Boots

Adopting the classic Ugg boot look that everyone has grown to love, Sorel’s Campus Short Boots make the perfect, warm companion for a day spent in any urban setting. A fleece lining keeps your feet heated so you won’t feel winter’s icy grips setting in, while their water-resistant suede leather outer keeps any snow, ice, or rain from penetrating to your foot. You can be sure that bopping around town or strolling to class has never looked as great as it does in these Sorel boots either.

4. Merrell Captiva Launch 2 Waterproof Boots

Merrell Captiva 2 Launch Waterproof Boots

Quite possibly the classiest winter boot in the list, Merrell’s Captiva Launch 2 Waterproof Boots offer a super stylish boot that won’t get your feet cold and wet on winter nights out. Merrell’s M Select DRY prevents water from getting in, but also lets any inner moisture escape, which frees your feet from any sort of moisture buildup. Whenever you pair this boot’s awesome waterproofing with its M Select GRIP, you get a boot that has superior traction no matter what the conditions are. Whether you’re looking to add some fashion and function to a winter outfit, or want to dress your best for a Christmas party, these boots surely have everything that you need.

5. Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots

Lowa Renegade Mid GTX Boot

For the gal seeking a boot to hit the woods with and then walk into town for lunch, Lowa’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots are just plain perfect. Made with a Gore-Tex outer, these boots can be placed in the upper tier of weather protection, but all the while maintaining just the right amount of breathability. And on the other hand, a Vibram outsole offers a ton of tread so you can do everything from hit an icy trail, to walk the roads far before the plow trucks have even left the lot, with confidence that you won’t be slipping around.


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