Get to Know a Vendor: Eagle Creek

by Jacob Gordon.  

Eagle CreekOf all the vendors that have found a home on the shelves at Appalachian Outdoors, Eagle Creek might be the one vendor geared to the largest audience: travelers. Whether you’re traveling abroad, hitting the backcountry, or heading to San Fran or NYC, Eagle Creek has an array of products engineered to make your travels more secure, comfy, and fun.

Unfortunately, Eagle Creek might get overlooked every now and then, due in large part to our effort to further promote the backcountry spirit. However, we often forget that traveling can be an adventure itself, and thankfully Eagle Creek luggage is there for us.

But who exactly is Eagle Creek? Since they may not be as known as some of our other vendors, it’s a poignant question to be sure. So let’s take a look at the history and philosophy behind Eagle Creek to see what motivates this company to help us reach our destinations. By the end of this article, you’ll not only know who Eagle Creek is, but you’ll be itching to head out on your next trip.


Founded in 1975 in Southern California, Eagle Creek has focused from the very beginning on designing gear meant for the traveling life. They soon introduced the Adventure Travel Gear category, designing the first backpack specifically for traveling beyond the halls of a school. Eagle Creek continued to develop their line of backpacks, introducing the first-ever organizational panel to be found in a backpack.

By 1985, Eagle Creek started to move toward protecting their customers’ personal affects by developing the Eagle Creek Undercover line of products. With items like money belts and neck wallets, Eagle Creek customers were able to securely store their important belongings like IDs, money, credit cards, and passports without having to worry about pickpockets.

neck-wallet hidden-wallet

Flash forward ten years to the Eagle Creek Pack-It System. Without a doubt, the Pack-It System is Eagle  Creek’s most known line of products, and it makes sense. The Pack-It System is engineered to help you organize your bags for efficient travel that maximizes space — certainly something minimalist and carry-on travelers can appreciate. The best part of the Pack-It System is its versatility. Sure, it helps save space on long trips, but a lot of the cubes can be great hiking or canoeing buddies too. Their bright color combinations make it easy to organize and know exactly what is in each cube.


switch-packTo help pair with the versatility of the Pack-It System, Eagle Creek continued to evolve their line of bags. In 1995, they introduced the first-ever convertible backpack on wheels, the Switchback. This pack gave Eagle Creek customers the benefit of a wheeled back when the shoulders started to ache with the weight of their backpack. Moving forward to 2008, the Eagle Creek Take 2 ORV Trunk 28 was introduced and immediately received accolades from Outside Magazine and National Geographic Adventure. Then in 2013, Eagle Creek introduced the Morphus pack: an ultra-versatile 2-in-1 pack system that gives customers the versatility of a large back or two smaller ones.


Obviously, it should go without saying that Eagle Creek designs products to further the traveling spirit. In fact, their slogan is “Inspired by travel,” and their travel system was made for travelers by travelers. The wide product lines of Eagle Creek reflect this traveling mentality, and this extends to the philosophy behind their materials. Eagle Creek works to make every zipper, buckle, and seam of every product as durable as possible. The end goal here is to give travelers an array of equipment that can handle the harsh, rugged traveling lifestyle. Let’s face it, as careful as we all may try to be, traveling can be absolutely brutal on our belongings. Think the TSA staffers are handling our bags with care? At least with Eagle Creek, you’ll be able to rest a little easier on your flight. And if anything does happen to your Eagle Creek gear, don’t sweat it. Eagle Creek has their No Matter What Warranty which covers repair or replacement of your Eagle Creek product, regardless of the reason behind the damage.

The durability of Eagle Creek products extends beyond just surviving trips every now and then, but taking on years of wear and tear too. This means when you buy an Eagle Creek product, you can expect to use it for years and years. This helps further Eagle Creek’s goal to minimize its effect on the planet.

Eagle Creek also has several bluesign certified products and has established the Live. Work. Travel. Program that stresses community involvement, sustainability practices, and global giving efforts. Combine this with Eagle Creeks’ emphasis on Responsible Travel that supports local communities instead of tourist hot-spots, it’s clear Eagle Creek is just as concerned with its customers’ destinations as it is with the traveling involved.


If you’re looking to revamp your next trip. Be sure to check out the line of Eagle Creek products at Appalachian Outdoors. You might not need a new bag, but you definitely should check out the Pack-It System. Whether it’s the Pack-It Folder to keep your shirts organized and wrinkle-free or the Specter series of cubes to keep your smaller belongings easily stashed and at the ready. Personally, I have three Specter Half Cubes for my underwear, socks, and miscellaneous cables (camera, phone, laptop, etc.).

And if packing and organization aren’t your thing, Eagle Creek has plenty of products to help make your travels more secure and comfy. Check out their TSA-friendly locks or the myriad of comfort and leisure products such as travel pillows and ear plugs, designed to make your travel or layover a little more comfortable. Eagle Creek is sure to help take your travels to the next level, giving you even more lasting memories.

tsa-lock travel-pillow

***To help ignite your traveling spirit, Appalachian Outdoors is offering 20% off your next order of $50 or more on Eagle Creek gear. Just use the promo code EAGLE14 to receive the discount. Promo code is valid on all regularly priced Eagle Creek products.***

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