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By: Levi Opsatnic

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Usually whenever you think of Under Armour, images like football players in spandex or athletes training in harsh conditions come to mind. However, we at Appalachian Outdoors, like to think that Under Armour’s exceptional performance can be used over a wide range of activities; and whether you’re gearing up for some winter skiing or just a hike on a snowy day, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to find something in their line to suit you. And reasons like creating top-notch and versatile products are exactly why we are so excited to have Under Armour in our store.

Although Under Armour may not be the oldest company in sportswear, they were surely able to create a large name in a short period of time. Originating in the year 1993, Under Armour’s first chapter began whenever 23-year-old Kevin Plank was faced with a common problem during football practice: sweaty, heavy, uncomfortable cotton shirts that barley lasted one session. Obviously, these shirts just didn’t cut it on the field, and with that, Plank ventured onto the streets of New York to find the perfect fabric—one that was lightweight, didn’t bog you down, and didn’t soak up with sweat for hours. Shortly after his trip to New York, Plank distributed the first Under Armour prototype to his teammates. With input from all of them and a bit of hard work, Plank revisited the drawing board and was able to create a shirt that was lightweight and wicked moisture in order to keep you dry.

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Knowing that this sort of terrific t-shirt technology would be a prize among athletes, Plank decided to pursue the apparel industry full-time. After maxing his credit card out at around $40,000, Kevin opened up shop in Washington DC in the luxury of his grandmother’s basement. Though, just one short year after this, Under Armour made a team sale to Georgia Tech. This was just the flame that Under Armour needed to spark right up, as following this sale, they were sold to around two-dozen NFL football teams and relocated to a new warehouse in Southern Baltimore.

Riding the wave of success, Under Armour was now fully-recognized as making some of the most elite clothing for athletes. This was soon recognized by the likes of Hollywood, and in 1999, Under Armour was approached by Warner Brothers to outfit their team of actors on two separate movies: Any Given Sunday and The Replacements. Getting a taste of stardom, in the year 2003, Under Armour went from the big screen and onto television with their commercial launching their ever-so-popular slogan, “protect this house.”

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Today, Under Armour is recognized for making supreme athletic apparel all across the globe. And not only do they make some of the best products, but they also sponsor some of the best athletes in fields like football, soccer, tennis, MMA, bow hunting, golf, and downhill skiing, among others. Having a hand in that many different recreations really shows how versatile Under Armour’s products are, and how they’re always able to push the limit in design.

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