Get to Know a Vendor: Woolrich

by Bart Beck


When you think of woolen products, one name comes to mind: Woolrich. Whether you’re looking for a new blanket, shirt or jacket, Woolrich has been dedicated to producing quality wool products since their beginning.

With Winter making her presence known, we figured it’d be a good idea to familiarize yourself with Woolrich. By the end of this article, you may just want to put on your favorite Woolrich piece, cozy up next to the fire (or the fire DVD on your TV), and try to enjoy the winter weather.

Founded in 1830 in Woolrich, Pennsylvania, Woolrich got its start through manufacturing fabrics for the miners, trappers, hunters, and foresters of the US. Clothing and equipment produced by Woolrich helped to outfit soldiers during the Civil War and accompanied Richard Byrd on an Antarctic expedition. It’s thanks to all the quality products made over the years that has allowed Woolrich to close in on that two century mark.

One of their iconic products is the classic wool blanket. In early America, the wool blanket was often used in trade. One such notable blanket was the Hudson Bay point blanket made by the Hudson Bay Company. Woolrich currently is the US’s licensed producer of these blankets. They also make a line of traditional Civil War blankets as an ode to the blankets they supplied to troops during that period. On top of these historical pieces, Woolrich produces everything from throws for your chairs, to Woolrich blankets for you bed.

woolrich blanket

Woolrich Vista View Blanket

woolrich blanket

Woolrich Civil War Artillery Blanket

Another product that is often associated with Woolrich is the Woolrich flannel shirt. Woolrich makes a number of flannel shirts, both wool and non-wool. The shirts come in a number of different patterns as well, most notably plaid. Woolrich works to bring the plaid flannel shirts to both women and men, so ladies are just as covered as the men. Amongst all the plaids which Woolrich produces, the black and red version seems to have become the symbol of hunters and lumberjacks throughout North America.

woolrich flannel shirt

This pattern has become so famous that in June of 2014, Dogfish Head Brewery and Woolrich teamed up to create a limited run beer known as the Pennsylvania Tuxedo to honor the black and red checkered pattern. The name and beer itself was inspired by the iconic hunting suit of red and black plaid wool and contained spruce tips from trees in Woolrich, Pennsylvania. Woolrich has become such a strong, iconic symbol of America that it continues to clothe and inspire almost 200 years later; seeing Woolrich collaborate with other companies like Dogfish Head Brewery just shows the impact Woolrich has had with the American spirit.

vest (2) giant-buffalo (1)

Besides all the traditional products Woolrich continues to make, they also make many other high quality, casual outdoor items. From sweaters to shorts, Woolrich has something for everybody. We at Appalachian Outdoors are very lucky to have such a renowned neighbor and partner that is known the world over. We especially feel honored to help promote a fellow-Pennsylvania company to the local State College community.

snow-wool (1) sweater-dress (1)

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