Killington Resort


While most of us are gearing up for the approaching holiday season, there are those of us who tend to gloss over that joy and focus on one thing, and that one thing is fresh snow and ripping down a mountain. Whether you prefer to grab your poles, your board, or even a tube, luckily, Killington has the perfect terrain for everyone.

Located about seven hours from State College, PA, Killington Resort is located in Killington, Vermont and offers a getaway that you won’t soon forget, and whether you’re a snow-junkie or not, this resort offers everything that you need to have a memorable trip. From Cruising Great East (Killington’s longest trail), pumping their Woodward Peace Park, to just kickin’ back with a stack of waffles and a smoothie, Killington has all of your bases covered.

At Appalachian Outdoors, we are proud to be one of Killington’s affiliates and we consider its resort to be one of the best in the Northeast.

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