Ladies’ Night Recap

Ladies night at
Oh yes, it was ladies’ night, oh what a night! Sorry for getting Kool & the Gang stuck in your head, but Ladies’ Night was a smashing success. It was so great to see all of you lovely ladies show up and have a fun, relaxing night supporting the Centre County Womens’ Resource Center. The glasses for the raffles were filled to the brim and the store was packed for nearly 3 hours!

Throughout the night, James and Sam were keeping the bevs flowing, while Jen and Phil made sure the appetizer table was always well stocked. When people weren’t checking out the deals or raffle table, they were hanging out at the standing tables enjoying the food and drink provided.

The soothing tunes provided by Chris Good made for a great soundtrack to the night. From late 80s hits to some of today’s popular jams, Chris was able to put his own unique spin on many of our favorite songs, making each meld with the night’s events.

It always seemed like there was a sizable line for the free massages being given by Artemis Massage Studio. Even with two masseuses, our pseudo-waiting area always seemed to have at least three people chilling on the couch, but it always seemed like the wait wasn’t so bad. There was plenty of great conversations to be had, and after all, there was a massage at the end of all that waiting. Surely worth it!

While we all had our own favorite parts of the Ladies’ Night event, we’d love to hear what some of yours were. We’ll also include several pics from the event, showcasing some of our favorite moments.

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