Many Thanks to CREST and enter the weekend !

Happy Glorious Friday !

First off, we would like to thank Michael Fedorchak of the Central Region Emergency Strike Team (CREST), for braving the storm and stopping by the store to share his knowledge. The talk regarding wilderness safety and preparedness was most helpful and illuminating.

Secondly, hurrah, the weekend is here !!!

Outdoor activities await !

But the true beauty of the weekend is that you get to spend spend some quality time with the family, and if you happen to be an avid hiker, nature walker, take them along the wee ones for an adventure !! There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, magical tid-bits to discover. Case in point, this brilliantly decorated branch in the photograph.

Nature never fails to inspire if you just take the time to see, to seek out her many unique gems lurking under branches and ferns. Treasure hunts await !

Photo by M. Wolszczan

So, from all of us at Appoutdoors, may your weekend be full of pleasant family gatherings and grand outdoor adventures !

If you have a minute, before you step out into the wild, stop into the store and enjoy our unique products and latest markdowns. And bring your favorite hound, if you like !

Happy Trails !!

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