Obtaining an Arsenal of Fly Fishing Knots: The Loop-to-Loop Connection

By Levi Opsatnic.

Last time, I detailed how to tie the Nail Knot, which is used to tie leaders to fly lines.

The next fly fishing knot that I commonly use to attach my tippet to my leader is a loop-to-loop connection. A surgeon’s knot can also be used for this, but I have found that the loop-to-loop connection is far more practical as it really only consists of an overhand knot and in the long run you will lose considerably less of your leader and tippet with it.

1. Create a loop in both the end of your leader and your tippet. These loops are made simply by doubling your material and tying an over hand knot with the doubled section and then fully trimming off the tags of the knots so you are left with two clean loops. If you are unfamiliar with what an overhand knot is, it is the initial knot that is used when tying your shoes.


2. Take your tippet section and put its loop through the loop of your leader.


3. Once the tippet section is through the loop of your leader, you can take the tag end of your tippet and put it through the loop in your tippet.


4. After your tag end is through the loop in your tippet, pull it until the loops have secured themselves and are now connected. Occasionally this process can be difficult to successfully conquer, but like everything, with practice you will be doing it perfectly in no time.

Final Knot


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