Product Review: Patagonia Baggies Shorts

By: Levi Opsatnic


With summer fully upon us, I’d say that it’s finally time to talk about my favorite shorts out there: Patagonia’s Baggies (more specifically, those with a 5” inseam). You can find me in these shorts on any day that the temperature is above 50°, regardless of what I’m doing. If you’ve ever worn a pair of Baggies, then I’m sure you understand my devotion to them, and if you haven’t, hopefully this Product Review can sway you onto the path of versatile comfort.

I like to think of my Baggies as being amphibious enough to engage in just about anything, yet still refined enough to wear to dinner after the fun’s over. Made from a very quick-drying Supplex nylon, these shorts hang nice and light on your body, and their “baggy” feel offers a wealth of spacious comfort. Being made from such a light and quick-to-dry material makes these shorts perfect for the days where there’s a chance of getting wet. And I’ve found that on a hot, sunny day, these shorts dry before I’ve left the stream or swimming hole. Also, their long pockets, lined with a strip of mesh ventilation, allow water to dump out while also adding an additional element of drying.

So what else can a pair of Baggies do? Well, I’d say the answer to that is anything that you can. Even though they have a rather lightweight design, I’ve found that these shorts are still able to endure quite a beating. From wandering through thorn-ridden trails to sliding on concrete after falling on my skateboard, Patagonia Baggies seem to be able to handle it all.

After spending the last two summers wearing nothing but Baggies, I can firmly say that they are an essential piece of gear. They’ve accompanied me just about anywhere I’ve went; from chucking large flies in the ocean to exploring a trickle of a Pennsylvanian brookie stream, and everywhere in between, there’s a good chance that I took the adventure in a pair of Baggies.


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