Product Review: Prana’s Stretch Zion Pants

By: Levi Opsatnic

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Maybe I stand alone here, but I generally don’t like having a huge assortment of pants. Rather, I prefer to have a few different pairs of pants that I’ve been able to form a bond with and can count on to have me covered over a wide range of activities. Sure, there are a couple of necessary items like a good pair of jeans, some khakis for the times when dressing up is the style, and a pair of loungers for the house, but whenever it comes to anything other than classy or casual, I like to rely on a pair of pants that really is a jack-of-all-trades. Not only that, but I usually like to create these bonds with a pair of pants that I know will be crafted by their parent company season after season, just in case I find myself in a jam and need a new pair quickly.

While this seems like a heavy task for most trousers, Prana was able to make it nice and easy with their Stretch Zion Pants. Thanks to a bomber construction and minimal look, I’m able to work these pants into nearly any situation I find myself in. Crafted from Prana’s signature “Stretch Zion Fabric,” these pants are, well, as stretchy as can be, and their DWR finish gives just what I need whenever grey clouds place a drizzle on my parade. The Stretch Zions also provide a range of motion that will have rock climbers singing their praise for years, but since I don’t fall into that category, they suit me perfectly for cruising on my skateboard, impromptu hikes, or jaunts along tiny brook trout streams that are choked to the gills with rhododendrons. And whenever those tasks have me working overtime, the combination of a ventilated inseam gusset and roll-up leg snaps offer everything that I need to quickly cool down.

Since I prefer a natural, more modest look to my pants, the Stretch Zions have me covered just how I like. A simple appearance in a range of earthy colors allows me to continuously wear these pants without fear of sticking out. Not only that, but well-thought-out design features like a built-in belt (don’t worry, there are regular loops for those of us who also have a soft spot for our favorite belt) and a dual-entry cargo pocket add a touch of style while bringing a wealth of wearing-convenience to the day.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of pants to hit the trail, scramble up a wall of granite, or just explore a new town on a foggy day, the Stretch Zions are sure to exceed your expectations and leave you wanting every color in their line.


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