Product Review: Product Review: MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent

By: Anna Schwyter


The MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person is the first tent that I’ve ever bought for myself, and I expect that it might be the last. I upgraded from an inherited Kelty tent that was fine for car camping, but not much else. When I started looking for a new tent, I knew that I wanted a backpacking tent with the following features: lightweight, versatile, and easy to set-up. I quickly found that the Hubba Hubba is nothing short of the best product that I could ask for.
Having a two-person tent is my preference, partly because I usually camp with a partner and partly because it’s nice to have a covered place to store my gear when solo-camping. For two people, it is plenty of room, I especially like that I can fit two sleeping pads within a few inches of each door. Also, I am 5’6” and can sit up with comfortable headroom inside, which is always a benefit after a long day.

Setting up the tent is foolproof. The magnetic poles basically put themselves together, and it’s just a matter of minutes and a few clips until the tent is standing. The rainfly is simplified for each corner to nicely match a corner of the tent, making it easy to get right the first time. This feature really comes in handy whenever you’re in the dark or the rain. The rainfly also has vents by the head and foot, increasing circulation when hunkering down through tough storms. Fortunately, I’ve found that after a night in the rain, both the tent and the fly dry very quickly.

Although I really love my Hubba Hubba and would always recommend it, one suggestion that I do have when purchasing it is to also buy the footprint from MSR. Using the footprint extends the life of the tent and decreases wear and tear on the floor of the tent. After completing my tent with its proper footprint, it’s became one of my all-time favorite pieces of gear (other than my Osprey pack)!

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